The Average Truck Dispatcher Salary in the United States

Truck dispatcher salaries vary greatly from state to state, and this is largely due to the different cost of living in each location. However, the average truck dispatcher salary in the United States is $55,000 annually.

It’s important to note that this number can vary depending on experience and qualifications, so it’s always a good idea to research the specifics of your chosen route before applying. To help you get started on your career as a truck dispatcher, read on for more information on the role and what you need to bring to the table.

What is a truck dispatcher?

Truck dispatcher is a career position in the trucking industry that is responsible for ensuring all trucks are on schedule, and that drivers are following the company guidelines. This person is also responsible for directing trucks on the road and managing traffic. As a truck dispatcher, you will need to be able to think on your feet and be able to multitask. In order to be successful in this career, you will need to have strong organizational skills, excellent communication abilities, and the ability to handle stress.

How to become a truck dispatcher?

Becoming a truck dispatcher is a great career choice if you have the right qualities. It involves a lot of hard work and driving, but the rewards are great. To be successful, you need to have good communication skills and start with an Associates degree in Transportation or another related field.

You also need to get experience as a driver before applying for dispatch jobs. Finally, be prepared to pass rigorous background checks and drug tests. With these tips in mind, becoming a truck dispatcher is definitely a career path you should consider!

The average salary of truck dispatchers in the United States

As the driver of a truck, you rely on the truck dispatcher to keep you safe and on schedule. The average salary of truck dispatchers in the United States is $90,000, which makes truck dispatchers some of the highest-paid workers in the country. Most truck dispatcher jobs are found in metropolitan areas, and the majority (78%) of dispatchers work full-time.

Their typical day includes receiving calls from drivers, logging information in a database, and issuing orders to drivers on the phone or computer screen. Truck dispatchers in the United States have an average salary of $51,640 per year. This salary reflects the high level of qualifications and experience that truck dispatchers typically have. Once you’re ready with your salary, also take part in truck dispatcher training to get higher.

Top 4 states with the highest pay for truck dispatchers

Its no secret that trucking is a lucrative career option, with high pay potential in many states. In fact, the top four states with the highest pay for truck dispatchers are, surprise, California, Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania.


If you are looking for a career that pays well and has plenty of opportunities for growth, then Georgia may be the right place for you! With a median annual salary of $105,000, truck dispatchers in this state have the chance to work in a fast-paced and exciting industry. Plus, the state offers generous benefits such as retirement plans and health insurance. If you are ready to take your career to the next level, then this may be the right state for you.

North Carolina

If you’re looking for a high-paying career that is full of opportunities, you should consider becoming a truck dispatcher. With an annual salary of $102,000 on average, truck dispatchers in North Carolina enjoy some of the highest pay in the country.

The top five states with the highest pay are: North Dakota, Montana, Alaska, Wyoming and South Dakota. Additionally, truck dispatch jobs are often located in rural areas which provide excellent job prospects. If you’re interested in this exciting career path, be sure to research the state you want to work in before making a decision.


If you’re looking for a high-paying job that will allow you to work from home, then truck dispatcher might be the perfect career for you. Truck dispatching is one of the most demanding and difficult jobs in the industry, and there is a lot of competition for the few vacancies available. However, if you’re determined enough, success is definitely within your reach.

According to statistics, Pennsylvania has the highest average wage for truck dispatchers, and the city of Philadelphia is the main hub for truck dispatching in the state. To become a truck dispatcher in Pennsylvania, you will need strong math skills and good driving record. In addition to excellent pay and benefits package, working as a truck dispatcher can give you a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment that few other jobs can offer.


If you are looking for a career in truck dispatch, then Florida is the place to be! The top five cities in Florida with the highest pay for truck dispatchers are Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Ft Lauderdale. The average salary for a truck dispatcher in Florida is $99,000 per year.

This is more than double the national average of $41,000. If you are looking to make a career in truck dispatch, then be sure to search for jobs online as there are many opportunities available. You can also contact recruiters and staffing agencies who can help you find the best job opportunity suited to your skill set.